PSFS Offering | Reports - Analysis Reports: How to run a Revenue Projection Report

How to run a Revenue Projection Report

  1. Navigate to the Offering module:
    • Use the Navigator Bar to select Reports → Analysis.
    • Use the Reports Card to select Analysis.
  2. Select the Revenu Projection report.
  3. Select the fund or funds on which you wish to report: 
  4. Click Analysis Filters in the center top of the screen, or click Next in the lower-left corner of the page to display the Analysis Filters page.
  5. On the Analysis Filters screen, select from each of the filters:
    • Select the Family Registration status: Both, Yes, No
    • Select the Family Workgroup if this applies, or leave it blank to select all.
    • Select one or more Family Groups.
  6. Select Next or click on the Report Filters page to move on. Fill out each field to narrow down the results to the records that you would like to analyze.
    • When ready, click the Run Report link at the bottom left.
  7. Select between PDF and Excel for the report output. 

    Image of the PDF version


Image of the Excel Version



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