PSFS Offering | Contributions - Search: How to search for a contribution or for a group of contributions

How to search for a contribution or for a group of contributions

  1. Go to the Contributions page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Contributions.
    • sing the Contributions Card, select from Today, Week, Month, or Year. Please note the bullets below the image on choosing a timeframe.
  2. Important things to note when looking for items on the contributions page:
    • Contributions made in a batch will only display once the batch is closed. These 'closed batch' contributions may not be edited.
    • When using the Contributions card, selecting the time period (Today, Week, Month, Year) will populate a date range for which contributions display on your screen. The date range pertains to the contribution date rather than to the date you added the contribution.
    • The smaller the date range, the fewer system resources will be used, increasing processing speed overall.
    • To simplify the next steps, select the smallest time frame that will be inclusive of any contributions for which you may be searching.

      Use the Filter Panel (described in #3) to filter the records and/or use the Search Bar to search for a record.
  3. Use the Filter Panel on the right to filter for a group of contributions that have the same thing(s) in common, ie.) date range, member or family, envelope number, fund, batch name, an amount range, giving source, initial contribution only, tax-deductible only, created by you; or to search for a single contribution where you know some of the information that goes in the filter fields. The filter action button must be selected at the top of the filter panel to refresh the results.
    • The date range may already be filled in based on how you entered the screen.

    • To list only contributions for a particular family or member, use one of three available filter fields: Contribution member, Contribution family, Envelope Number.
      • For either of the first two, click the search action button in either of these fields, fill in the information you have for this contributor, and click Search. Click the correct giver from the results. This takes you back to the contributions screen where you must click the search action button at the top of the filter panel. Note: Use the Search Bar if you know the contributor's ID.
      • For the envelope field, enter the envelope number and click the search action button at the top of the filter panel.
    • Other fields you may choose to filter on are Fund, Batch, and Amount range.
    • Finally, at the bottom of the filter panel, you will find even more general fields from which to select: Giving Source, Initial Contribution only, Tax Deductible only, Created by me.
    • Initial Contribution only is a contribution made when adding a pledge record and it's made right on the Pledges screen.
    • Created by me is a fast way to find all the contributions that you entered that fall within the other filter criteria you have added.
    • Keep in mind, you may use these filter fields individually or in combination with others. For example:
      • See all contributions made by a particular family or member or envelope that fall within a particular date range.
      • See all contributions in a particular batch made in a particular timeframe.
      • See all contributions entered in a particular batch.
    • Every time new filter criteria are selected, the filter action button must be selected at the top of the filter panel to refresh the search.

  4. The Search Bar is a useful tool if you know particular information about the contribution that will display in the record link ID, namely the Family ID or the contributor's last name.
    • If you hover your cursor over the information icon (mceclip0.png) you will see a list of all the fields you may enter into the Search Bar: Contribution ID, Family ID, Member ID, Fund Name, or Batch Name.
    • If records have been filtered through the Filter Panel, for example, a date span and a fund, and then additional criteria are added through the Search Bar, both sets of criteria will be taken into consideration in narrowing down the results.
    • Each time the criteria changes, the search action icon must be clicked.


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