PSA L&P - Reports: How to get a spreadsheet with vendor information on one line

How to get a spreadsheet with vendor information on one line

The Vendors Basic List Report can give you a spreadsheet of all vendors and their related information on one line. Go to Ledger and Payables → Vendors → Basic List

  • If you select Preview Report or View PDF the information will show on separate lines. 
  • If you select Export Data, the information for each vendor will be on one line in a spreadsheet.


What data can I expect and what can I do with it?

After you export the data you can remove any unwanted columns (right-click the letter above the column header and select delete).

The following table shows you the columns that will likely be in your spreadsheet. You may not have data in all of these columns or even some of these fields may not be on your spreadsheet if you don't track certain information. Or, there may be additional columns based on the information you do track.

Vendor Name
Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code
Phone Number
Fiscal YTD Balance
Vendor ID





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