PSFS Offering | Batches - Contribution Postings: How to delete a contribution that was posted through a batch (still open)

How to delete a contribution that was posted through a batch (still open)

A batch that has been flagged for review is still considered open (although the status is 'Review') and the postings can be edited or deleted. Only contributions that are in an open batch may be deleted.

  1. Navigate to the Batches page using one of the following methods:
    • From the Navigator Bar, select Batches.
    • From the Batches Card, select Open.
      If this batch has been flagged for review, after selecting Open, you must update the Status field in the Filter Panel to 'Review' and click the Filter Panel search button for the record to display.
  2. To bring up the posting, locate the batch card then click the Postings button.Select_postings_option_from__Batch_card.png
  3. Find the issue with the batch. It may be the wrong donor, it may be that a second record was entered for the same contribution under a different envelope number. Whatever the issue, once you find the record you want to remove, click the delete button (mceclip0.png) to the right of the record.  NOTE: If you don't see the delete button, close the filter panel on the right.
  4. Confirm Delete record.
  5. Note the differences in the batch. In this case, the batch is now in balance.


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