PSFS Offering | Contributions - Delete: How to bulk-delete a group of contributions that were not posted through a batch

How to bulk-delete a group of contributions that were not posted through a batch

Only those contributions entered in the contributions screen (and not in a batch) may be bulk-deleted.

To delete a group of contributions or a single contribution is virtually the same process. To access the article that steps through a single contribution delete, see the article, How to delete a single contribution that was not entered through a batch.

  1. Go to the Contributions page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Contribution.
    • Using the Batches Card, select Year, or the correct option (Today, Week, Month) that includes the contribution dates of the records you want to delete.
  2. Use the Filter Panel on the right to filter the records for those you want to delete, making your selection and clicking the search action icon at the top of the filter panel:
    • Narrow down your search using a field or a combination of fields that they all have in common such as FundContribution DateTax Deductible status, etc.
  3. Select the contributions you would like to bulk-delete. You may use the selection checkbox in the top left column header to select all records that qualify or click the checkbox to the left of each record to select or to de-select each one.

    • If the contribution record was added through a batch, it may not be deleted here.
    • If you see only 25 records listed on your screen but there are 35 records that meet the filter criteria but the last ten are listed on another page, all 35 records will be selected. 
  4. Once you have selected those contribution records you want to delete, click the delete action button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  5. To ensure the correct action has been taken, read the Delete Contributions prompt which lists the number of contributions you have selected to bulk-delete. If it is not correct, click Cancel. Otherwise, click OK.

  6. A final message will display at the top, right corner of the screen that your contributions have been deleted. The screen will refresh and the deleted contributions will no longer be present.


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