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How to add contributions outside a batch

If you are new to our Redesigned Offering Module, you may benefit from reading the article, How to navigate the Offering Module. You may also want to learn How to configure the Batch Management Settings to allow or to disallow adding contributions that are independent of a batch.

Note: If you do not see the plus sign on the Contributions page, as this article suggests, see How to add contributions when there is no button (or plus sign)

  1. Go to the Contributions page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Contributions.
    • Using the Contributions Card, select from TodayWeekMonth, or Year

  2. To begin to add new contributions, click the add action button + on the top right of the screen. If you do not have a plus button it is because your settings are configured to only allow contribution entry through batches. Your church administrator or diocese administrator must change these settings.
    • A new Add screen will display.

    • On the right side of the screen, a Defaults Panel will display. The choices you make here will become the defaults for contribution entry until changed.

      • Choose the Lookup Type from the dropdown options: Envelope Number, Family Name, Member Name, Envelope Number & Family Name, or Envelope Number & Member Name.

      • Choose to add prompts for Check Number and/or Memo.
    • After choosing your defaults, click the gear icon near Contributions Add to close the Defaults Panel. To re-open the Defaults Panel, click the gear icon again.

  3. Begin entry using the ID type you chose in the Defaults Panel for your Lookup Type.
    • Verify the correct ID was entered by the donor information that displays below the Amount field. 
    • The fundtype, and date values for the first contribution saved will become the default values for the remainder of the entries until you change the values which will then become the default values going forward.

    • Once you select the fund, you will see a handshake icon under the word Pledge. Here is a key to the various forms of the handshake icon.

  4. After each complete entry, click the Save button. The contribution will be listed on the screen below the entry fields. Your cursor will automatically go to the Lookup ID field where you may enter another contribution.
  5. Once you have completed entering contributions, you may exit the screen by using the Navigation Bar on the left.


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