PSFS Offering | Pledges - Adjustments: How to delete a pledge adjustment

How to delete a pledge adjustment

  1. Go to the Pledges page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Pledges.
    • Using the Pledges Card, select Go to Pledges.
  2. Search for the pledge you would like to adjust.
  3. To delete a pledge adjustment, click the pencil edit button in the Adjustments field and the Pledge Adjustments screen will open.

  4. To delete the pledge amount adjustment, click the red minus sign at the right of the adjustment.
    • Note: for auditing purposes, the best practice is to add another adjustment (that sets the pledge to the actual amount pledged) documenting the reason for the entry. The only time you may want to delete a pledge adjustment rather than adding a new pledge adjustment is if the entry was made to the wrong fund or to the wrong donor record. Even then, it may be better to adjust it than to delete it.
  5. Once again, you must click the confirm button in the lower right corner of the Pledge Adjustments screen to save any changes made.

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