PSFS Offering | Pledges - Adjustments: How to adjust a pledge amount

How to adjust a pledge amount

  1. Go to the Pledges page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Pledges.
    • Using the Pledges Card, select Go to Pledges.
  2. Search for the pledge you would like to adjust.
  3. There are several fields that may be changed in a pledge record after it has been saved. This article shows how to adjust the amount. Click the link to see how to edit a pledge for the other areas listed.
  4. To adjust the pledge amount, click the pencil edit button in the Adjustments field and a new Pledge Adjustments screen will open.
  5. Click the plus sign action button in the upper right corner of the Pledge Adjustment screen and a new adjustment line will display with entry fields for date, amount, type, and comment.
    • Adjustment Date: Enter the date of the adjustment
    • Adjustment Amount: Use a positive number to enter how much you want to increase the original pledge amount or a negative number to enter how much you want to decrease the original pledge amount.
    • Type: Enter the type of adjustment.
      We suggest using the options in the following ways:
      • Did the donor change their mind? select Donor.
      • Did the data entry clerk enter the wrong amount? select Admin.
      • Did the pledge amount increase due to an overpayment? select Overpayment.
      • Did the pledge end without the promised payment? change the pledge amount to the amount that was given and select Write-off.
  6. Complete the Adjustment Entry by clicking Confirm in the lower right corner of the Adjustment screen. If you Cancel instead, none of the changes you made will be saved. Note: You also must save the Pledge record once you have confirmed the change. Both Confirm and Save must be done to save the updated information.
  7. Once you have added the adjustment, you must add a reason in the Reason text box and click the Save button at the top. The record will not save without a reason.
  8. There are two reports that show pledge amount adjustments: The Pledge Adjustment Report and the Pledge Audit Report.

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