PSFS Offering | Getting Started - Navigation: How to navigate the Offering Module

This article is designed to show you how to move from one section of the software to another. It will show you how to use the various buttons and menus. To access the Offering Module, log into ParishSOFT Family Suite as usual; then click the Offering tab. This will open the new Offering Module in a new internet tab.

Note: the first time you try you may note that a pop-up blocker keeps the page from opening. In that case, you must allow the pop-up for this site according to your browser.


How to navigate the Offering Module

Once logged into Family Suite, select the Offering module on the left side panel: 


Once the Offering screen displays, you will still have access to the Family Suite. Simply toggle between the two tabs on the internet browser:


There are two ways to get around in Offering.

  1. Use the Links under the Module cards:
  2. Use the Navigator Bar on the left side Panel: 


Tips for Working in the Offering Module


  • To get details on the error, click the i in the red circle. A new screen will display giving important additional detail that you will want to pass on to the support team when submitting a ticket.
  • For most efficient processing, enter your search criteria first, filtering the number of records that must be found and displayed:


  • The image below shows which different action buttons are used to add a record, download reports. Some of the action buttons listed will only be present on certain screens, and with certain settings enabled. 

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