PSG Forms - Adding Fields: How to add a dropdown box to your form

How to add a dropdown box to your form

There are times when you want the form to be filled in with predetermined choices such as food preference, types of allergies, or emergency contact relationship to the attendee. In such cases, using a dropdown box that you populate with options can be helpful.

  1. Simply drag the dropdown field to your form from the Basic Fields section on the right side of your screen.
  2. The General Info tab opens automatically. Name the dropdown field.
  3. Click the Options tab and enter the options from which you would like the user to select.
  4. The Validation tab gives you the option to make this a required field.
  5. The Conditions tab gives you the option to display this field only when certain conditions are met.
    • You may add several conditions
    • Under the 'Display field if ____ conditions match,'
      • Use 'any' to display the section header even if only one of several conditions is met.
      • Use 'all' to display the section header only when all of the conditions are met.
    • You must have most of the form set up before you may add conditions because the available conditions are based on how the added fields are filled in by the user.
  6. Once you have added this dropdown field and the options, it will display on your form as a dropdown box (with a little down-carrot). When you click the carrot, you will see the options.


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