PSG Forms - Adding Fields: How to add a static text field to your form

How to add a static text field to your form

A static text field allows you to add verbiage to your form that is informational for the person filling out the form. You may add as many static text fields as you need.

  1. Once you are in the form (either new or edit), in the Form Manager, select Static Text from the Static Content section at the right and drag it to your form.
  2. The Field Properties window will display with the Static Content tab open. In the Static Content field, type in the text that will clarify this section of the form for the user.
    • In many cases, the Static Text field is used in conjunction with a text input field. The Static field displays text that clarifies or states the purpose of the following input field.
      • For example, This form is to state that I, (input field for a name) agree to ... The static fields are both to the right and left of the input field.
      • Another example: In case of emergency, please contact (input field for a name).
  3. If you only want this static text to display on your form when certain conditions are met, select the Conditions tab. *Note this is very advanced and only recommended for rigorous form users.
    • You may add several conditions
    • Under the 'Display field if ____ conditions match,'
      • Use 'any' to display the section header even if only one of several conditions is met.
      • Use 'all' to display the section header only when all of the conditions are met.
    • You must have most of the form set up before you may add conditions because the available conditions are based on how the added fields are filled in by the user.


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