PSG Fund Management: How to add a note or comment field to a fund

How to add a note or comment field to a fund

Allow notes for this fund can be handy when the donor wants to designate how they'd like their gift to be used. One example might be a memorial fund where the donor may specify a specific person. Another example might be for a fund called "Other Fund" where the donor may write in the specific ministry to which they want to contribute.

  1. From the dashboard, go to the gear icon (settings), then click Fund Management.
  2. Edit the fund to which you wish to add the note field.
  3. Click the checkbox for Allow notes for this fund.
  4. When you mark the checkbox for Allow notes for this fund, a new field will display just below. This field allows you to change the label for notes to the word or phrase of your choice. In the example below, the form will display the phrase "on behalf of' instead of Notes.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.



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