PSG Forms - Adding Field Sets: How to add contact fields for the parents or guardians who are registering their students

How to add contact fields for the parents who are registering their students

This article assumes:

  • you want to add a fieldset to a form for the parents or guardians of students who are being registered for an event or class, but that the parents/guardians are not also being registered.
  • you are in the middle of creating a new form to register students and would now like to add fields to prompt for contact information for their parents. If this is the case, go to #2.
  • or, you have an existing form that you will modify but need to bring it up; if you would like to learn how to create a form, please see the article, How to create a form from scratch.
  1. To bring up your existing form, log into the ParishSOFT Giving site, and select Forms from the left side menu. Then, select your form.

  2. If you are in the middle of creating a new form or have made changes to an existing form, first, before adding form fields, save the changes, and publish the form
  3. Notice, on the right side of the form,  you will find a menu of items you may choose from to develop your form.
    • To add contact fields for the parents or guardians, create a Person Field Set as follows:  In the FIELD SET section of the fields menu, click Person.
  4. A window for the field properties for the fieldset will display. 
    • Rename it to something like "Parent/Guardian Contact Information."
    • Uncheck the boxes for Count towards total registrations and Can be duplicated.
    • Once finished, click OK at the bottom.
  5. The Parent Contact Information fieldset will now look like this on your form. Note, your form will display the text you entered such as Parent Contact Information rather than Person Field Set.
  6. Drag and drop the Email field into the Person Field Set window.
    • Adding the field will display the Field Properties Email window.
    • You have the option to, change the field name.
    • Click OK.
  7. Do the same drag-n-drop method for a Phone Number field and an Address field.2019-06-17_10-43-02.jpg
  8. Next, add in a few fields for an Emergency Contact.  In this case, we use the following fields:
    • Person's Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Radio Field with options for "Yes" or "No" for the question "Can we contact his person for Medical Emergencies?" EmergencyContactInfo.png
  9. Once again, save the changes, and publish the form

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