PSG Reports - Matching Donors for ChMS: How to resolve the ChMS Sync Error: "Unable to find donor and this integration has disabled creating new donors" '

How to resolve the ChMS Sync Error: "Unable to find donor and this integration has disabled creating new donors" 

This error is caused when a ParishSoft Giving donor record has not been matched/linked to the ParishSOFT Family Suite member record.


These can be remedied from the Sync Errors screen by clicking on the "Action" button and choosing "Match Donor."


There are donor record issues that can make it difficult for the system to find a matching family record in Family Suite, for example, if you look at how the First Name field was filled out by this donor:

The matching system will have difficulty with "Mr. and Mrs. J.T." in the first name field. That should be replaced with "J.T." or even removed altogether. In some instances, you may need to refer to Family Suite to see how the family's "First Name" field is filled out, and then enter it that way. Then hit "Search Again." You may see a selection of choices, so choose the appropriate one.


When the First Name field has an initial (like John T. instead of just John), that will often cause the matching system to not be able to find a match in Family Suite (in Family Suite, there is a separate field for member "Middle Names" which do not appear in the FAMILY details). In those cases, removing the initial and searching again will likely bring up the correct record.
Having TWO last names in the donor record can often present an obstacle for the system matching the donor to a Family Suite record if the Family Suite record is not recorded in exactly the same way. In those cases, refer to that donor's Family Suite family record.

If there are no name anomalies but the system just cannot find a match (for example when the wife fills out the donor record in HER name but the Family Suite record was filled out in the husband's name), adding the Family Suite envelope number to the donor Envelope # field is a sure-fire way to create a match (and should actually be a standard practice when creating donor records):


***Remember- Once you match the donor record of each sync error, you must then click on the Action button and select "Retry" in order to sync the record:

To troubleshoot this issue, see the article, How to match donors in Giving to Family Suite records.

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