PSG Forms - Adding Fields: How to add a checkbox(es) field to your form

How to add a checkbox(es) field to your form

This article assumes you have already created a new form and given it a name. To begin to add a checkbox field, you must be in the Form Manager and the Form Properties window must be closed.

  1. Find the checkbox(es) field on the right of the screen and drag it to your form.

  2. In the General Info tab, fill in the two fields and click OK.
    • Name the category under which your checkbox info falls.
      • For example, if the user is to select from a variety of classes, the checkbox name might be classes.
    • Also, give a short description that will help them make the selection.
      • For example, if they may choose more than one option, add that information into the description.
  3. Select the Options tab and add the options for the category. For example, if you want to give the user several classes they may sign up for or pay for, list the class names as the options. Another example may be selecting from food allergy options. It depends on the purpose of the form.
  4. Click the Validation tab and mark Required if the user must select at least one option.
  5. The image below shows you how your form would look if you were to publish it after only adding the checkbox selections. It probably won't look like this for long as you will likely be adding other prompts to your form.

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