PSA Consolidation Manager - Reports: How to interpret the Non-Reconciled Bank Accounts Report

How to interpret the Non-Reconciled Bank Accounts Report


Do you want a list of organizations and their bank accounts that have not been reconciled after a certain date? The Consolidation Manager has a report called a "Non-Reconciled Bank Accounts Report" that meets this need. 

To run this report, go to the Consolidation ManagerReports → Non-Reconciled Bank Accounts Report. The Configure Report screen will display.

  • Enter the 'Not Reconciled after' date. See the bullets below to learn how this date affects what lists on the report.
  • To list all organizations that meet the date criteria in the first bullet, leave the organization selection field at the default of all. To select one, click the organization. To select several, the Windows control keys will work (Ctrl/mouse-click).


The following bullets explain how to interpret the report information:

  • Account not listed: A bank account will not show on the report if it is up-to-date. Up-to-date means it was reconciled after the date specified on the Report Configuration page.
  • No Reconcile Date: If a bank account has never been reconciled it will show on the report with no date. The bank account will show even if it has no activity.
  • With Reconcile Date: If a bank account has not been reconciled after the specified date, the date of the most recent reconciliation will be listed on the report. 






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