PSFS IQ - Query Builder: What is Payment ID and how can it be used in a Tuition query?

What is Payment ID and how can it be used?


The Payment ID Column contains the unique internal ID assigned to each payment item in your system.  You can query this data to view the number of payments made to a tuition invoice and to determine which payments are potential duplicates.

When a tuition invoice has multiple line items, ParishSOFT Tuition applies a payment (which may consist of a discount, credit, and/or customer bill payment) to each line item. 

For example, if a customer pays $15.00 on an invoice that contains three line items, the $15.00 payment in your database is associated with each of those line items.  As a result, when you run a Query to extract payment data for the Invoice, the $15.00 payment is listed next to each line item in the result set, making it appear as if three $15.00 payments were applied to the invoice when, in reality, only one $15.00 payment was. 

To help eliminate such confusion, we added the Payment ID column, which stores a unique system-assigned identifier to every applied payment.  We recommend including this Column when designing Queries to extract payment data for invoices containing multiple line items.  By doing so, you can more easily identify which payments applied to line items in the Invoice are unique, thereby enabling you to correctly calculate payment totals.


When other additional fields are also included in your query, the resulting csv file may be then sorted and re-arranged to look like this:






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