PSG Forms - Form Properties | Payment: How to remind one-time donors that they can setup recurring gifts

How to remind one-time donors that they can setup recurring gifts

Many of your one-time givers may not know that they can set up recurring gifts to make their giving experience easier.  You can enable a reminder to display at the bottom of the form, that asks them if they want to make this gift a recurring gift.

This article assumes:

  • you have an existing form that you will modify
  • you have a pay item field on your existing form

To bring up your existing form, log into the ParishSOFT Giving site, and select Forms from the left side menu. Select your form from the list.

To enable this reminder:

  1. Once in your form, go to Form Properties.
  2. In Form Properties, go to the Payment tab.
    • Make sure recurring payments are enabled.  Then check the box for "After submission, prompt user to make a one-time gift a recurring gift?"
  3. When you mark the 'After submission, prompt user...' checkbox, two new options display.
    • One option allows you to edit the text used to offer the user the chance to make their donation recurring.  The default is "Would you like to make this gift recurring?"
    • The other option allows you to choose how often the donor receives this prompt: Prompt User after Every Gift, Prompt User after 3 Gifts, Prompt User after 5 gifts.
  4. Click OK to get out of Form Properties.

  5. Save and Publish the form.




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