PSFS MOC - Members: How to register (and pay) for a class using My Own Church

How to register (and pay) for a class using My Own Church

  1. Log in to My Own Church and click the Education Tab. Then, click Online Registration.
    • If you do not yet have a My Own Church account, please see this article to learn how to get one.
  2. Step 1 shows your current family details. If there is any information that must be updated, click the Update Family Record link and do so presently.
  3. Step 2 provides a dropdown menu for you to select the term in which you are registering yourself or your student. Select a term.
  4. Step 3 Add Student: when you click this button the registration form pops-up. (image below)
    • Fill in the registration form.
    • Click the Save Student button.
  5. The registration information displays to the screen.
    • If it looks right, click Submit Registration.
    • If something looks wrong, you may click on any of the provided links to update the information.
  6. After submitting the registration, you will receive a confirmation screen.
    • It will confirm the information and let you know to expect an email.
    • If your registration involves making a payment through this online registration application, you will see a Pay Now button at the bottom of the form. When this option is available, you may click the Pay Now button to pay for your class.
  7. Expect two emails.
    • Depending on your email service provider, the email may take up to 24 hours. 
    • One email letting you know the student registration has been received. 
    • And another email when the registration has been accepted (or rejected if the class was full).



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