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How to collect online registration payments using My Own Church 

My Own Church Users have the ability to register their child, or children, for Religious Education classes and to pay in the same place.

This feature is only available if your organization:

Once that is set up, users who register online for Religious Education classes can then pay class fees through their My Own Church portal in the My Education tab. They would simply click into Online Registration

After successfully submitting a class registration request, users will then see the Pay Now button on the Registration Summary page shown in the example below:

Clicking the Pay Now button sends users to a secure payment form where they can submit their
online payment.

Note: The secure payment form is located at the web address entered into the Link to web form for registration fee payment field on the Configuration tab → Manage Payments page in the Religious Education application.  For details, see this article.

Once you add a link to this field, it cannot be removed. It can only be replaced.







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