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How to create a form for a Social-Distancing Mass

Due to current International health concerns, some parishes and churches can only support masses that practice safe social distancing.  Because of this, you may need to control the number of parishioners who are able to attend.  Below is an example of a form you might use for this purpose.

This form would be used to have parishioners answer some basic health questions, sign up for mass,  and let them know your expectations when they arrive for the service. It will also send an email to any parishioners who have had or been exposed to Covid-19 symptoms recently, and therefore cannot attend service.

To make this form, do the following.

  1. In the navigation panel, select Forms, then click Create New Form.
  2. On the Form Manager page, choose the Online Attendance template and click Start Building Form.
  3. Once in the form, click the small gear icon to the right of the form's title. The page will open to the General tab where, among other things, you may update the form name, form description, how the form displays required or optional fields, and how the form interacts with MinistryOne if you have it.
  4. Update the Form Name:  In this example, we're calling it Social Distancing Mass: May 30 & 31.  You may also upload a form banner image at this time.
  5. While in Form Properties, add a Form Description to give parishioners instructions and to lay out expectations.
  6. The Field Validation options allow you to spotlight if fields are optional or if fields are required. In this example, the required fields will be highlighted.
  7. Toward the bottom of the General Tab is the Form Categories section. If you have the MinistryOne App, make sure that the following are checked: Contact Form, Event Registration, and General Donation.
  8. Next, to set the registrant limit and submission dates, select the Submission tab at the top of the page.Submission_Tab.png
  9. In the submission tab, we suggest the following:
    • Add the text you would like to see on the form's submit button.
    • Enter the Submission Open Date and the Submission Close Date.  
    • Enter the Maximum Number of Registrants that will be allowed into the Parish.
  10. Click the Payment tab to Enable Recurring Payments so that attendees can set up gifts prior to Mass.
  11. Once finished making your selections in Form Properties, click OK to return to the main form page.
  12. Save Changes for your form and select Save & Publish to save your recent changes.

Conditional Health Section

The next section of this article shows you how to add radio button options to the top of the form to ask certain questions regarding health status. The answers to these questions will determine if the registration form will be available to the parishioner. For example, if the parishioner has had a fever within the last 2 weeks, they should not attend mass if that is the criteria set up by your administration, and the form will respond accordingly.

How to add the radio buttons that ask about certain health conditions

  1. To add health-related questions drag a Radio Button field into the top of the form.
  2. The Field Properties page for the Radio Button field opens automatically. We offer the following suggestions for this section:
    • General Info Tab: name the field based on the question you would like them to answer.  The example used here is "Have you or a member of your household had a fever in the past 2 weeks?"
    • Options Tab: offer "Yes" and "No" and set the number of columns to two.
    • Validation Tab:  set to "required."

  3. Once done, click OK to exit the field properties.
  4. To create the next Radio button field, hit the Duplicate Field icon just before the Gear icon for the Radio button field.  A window will pop up that asks if you wish to duplicate the field. Click Duplicate.
    • In this example, the next field will be called "Do you or a member of your household have a cough or shortness of breath?" Once finished naming the field, click OK to return to the form.
    • Click the Duplicate icon again and select Duplicate.  In this example, the field is renamed, "Have you come into contact with anyone who is COVID-19 positive in the past 2 weeks?"

How to name the fieldset and limit the number of attendees per family

  1. Next, edit the "Online Attendee" field to set up the conditions for registration that depend on the answers to the questions just designed for this purpose.  To do this, click the Gear Icon to the right of the field. (See image below)
    • General Info Tab: This tab is automatically displayed
      1. Modify the field set's name to just read "Attendee."
      2. Ensure that it can only be duplicated enough times to allow a single-family to register at once.
    • Conditions Tab: Select this tab.
      1. Mark the conditions radio button for Under Certain Conditions.
      2. Edit the Conditions of the field so that it only shows up if someone answers "No" to all the health questions.
    • Click OK to go back to the main form page.

Set up the email field to notify registrants of why they were not able to register at this time. This will be set up with conditions related to the answers they gave on the health questions.

  1. Click the Configure action icon to the right of the Email field.
    • General Info Tab: Rename the Email field
    • Validation Tab: set Validation to "Required."
    • Conditions Tab: Set each question condition to 'No."

  2. Once finished, click OK to get out of the field properties and return to the main form.

How to add text to inform parishioners who do not meet the health requirements

  1. Lastly, drag the Static Text field to just below the health questions and enter in a small bit of information in case someone selects "Yes" to any of the Health Questions. 
    • Static Content Tab: Add the information you would like parishioners to receive in case they do not meet the health requirements, possibly including the live-stream link for the service.
    • Conditions Tab: Add the conditions to the health questions, but this time each will be filled in with a 'Yes.'

  2. Now, to add the email notification go back to Form Properties by clicking the option on the bottom of your screen.

  3. In the Email tab, click on Add Additional Email Notification.
    • Use the name you gave the email field in the TO field for the Email notification.
  4. Save Changes for your form and select Save & Publish to save your recent changes.  You can now grab a copy of the direct link for the form from the Form Properties and post it to your site.


For a simple form demonstration, please see the following training video: Attendance for Mass for Training Video




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