PSG Forms - Form Properties | Payment: How to set the recurring gift frequency on your giving form

How to set the recurring gift frequency on your giving form

Some organizations want to have greater control over how often gifts arrive.  They can do this by allowing certain gift frequencies on their giving form. 

  1. Go to your current Active Giving form.
  2. Click Form Properties.

  3. Click the Payment tab.
  4. Make sure the check-box for Enable Recurring Payments is checked and then click on the drop-down to see the available options.  Click to select each option you would like to offer.  You will know you've selected a particular option when a check appears next to the option.
    If you want to allow donors to give with all frequencies, simply leave the option set to "All Frequencies."
  5. Click Apply when you are done with your selections.
  6. Click Ok to exit out the Form Properties.
  7. Click Save in the bottom right to save the form, and then Save & Publish to publish the changes.





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