ParishCast Alerts - Templates: How to record and save a voice file to a template

How to record and save a voice file to a template

  1. To create a template, go to Alerts → Templates.
  2. From the template dropdown menu at the top/left of your screen, select a template. (image below)
    Create/Enter the subject and the template ID in the provided spaces.
    • Optional: Enter a message to introduce the recorded message such as, Please stay on the line for a recorded message from (Name of Church or person who recorded the message).  This will be a computerized message to the recipient they will hear prior to your recorded message. 
  3. Select the insert voice file button at the bottom/left of your screen.

    You will see three options: use a file you have saved to your computer, record a new voice file, or use a saved voice file. Each is handled in a different way:
  1. Use a file on your computer:  Use this option if you have recorded a message and saved it to your local drive. The file must be saved as one of the following types: .wav, .mp3, .3gp
    To use this option, follow these steps:
    • Click Choose File and locate the file on your computer.
    • Click Use this File if you want to use the selected file.
    • Click Cancel and Insert Voice File to choose another file or option. 
    • Click the Save button (bottom/left) to save the template.
  2. Record a new voice file: This option walks you through using your own phone to record a message.
    To use this option, follow these steps:
    • Type in the voice file name and the phone number of the phone you will use to record the message.
    • Click the button, Record Via Phonecall. 
      • The system will call the number you entered and you will be given instructions to record your message as follows:
        • Record your message after the beep
        • When you are done, press pound
      • Your recording will be played back for you automatically for your review. After you review your recording, you will have two options:
        • Press 1 to accept your message.
        • Press 2 to re-record your message.
    • After you have finished the steps for recording, choose either Confirm Recording or Cancel on your computer screen.
      • If you click cancel, to try again, select the button for record via phone call and the application will call your number again, allowing you to record your message anew. 
    • When you are satisfied click the save button (bottom/left) to save your template
  3. Use a saved Voice File: This option may be used when you have already gone through the process in #2 and saved a voice message. Instead of re-recording the message, you may re-use it. Once you've selected the saved voice file, you may click the Save button on the left to save your template.



After you click the save button...

  • Once you have saved your template you will see the file information has been added to the message with the word keep, your account number, and the voice file name. 
  1. When you are satisfied click save. The screen will refresh and show the template in the saved templates list at the bottom of the screen. 


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