PSG Forms - Text Giving: How to edit the display order of Text-to-Give funds

How to edit the display order of Text-To-Give funds

Fund order for Text Giving is dependant on the fund order set on the primary giving form. Also, if there is no keyword listed in the fund, the fund will not display in the Text-To-Give app.

To ensure the fund displays and in the correct order, take these steps:

  1. First, make sure each Text-To-Give fund has at least one keyword. To check this, go into the Gear Icon option in the upper right corner of your screen and select Fund Management. If there are no keywords for this fund, click the following link to learn how to add keywords.
  2. Next, still in Fund Management, check the Hide from Text-To-Give and Kiosk status for each fund by clicking the ellipses action button at the end of each fund line and choosing Edit Fund.
    • Once in the Edit Fund screen make sure that the check-box for "Hide from Text-To-Give and Kiosk" is NOT checked
    • If the fund doesn't have a keyword, you may add one.
    • Save your changes.

  3. Once you've updated the fund settings, go to the main Give Now form.
  4. In the form, click the Configure icon (Gear) for the fund-dropdown payment field.
  5. Go to Fund Items and use the grab-bar icon grab-bar_icon.png to the right of each fund to move it to it's desired location.  Funds will be ordered in Text Giving by their placement in this fund list.  If the fund doesn't have a keyword,  it will not be available to select for donation and it will not appear in the Text Giving fund list when you text the word: Keyword





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