PSG MinistryOne - Design: How to change the MinistryOne button colors

How to change the MinistryOne button colors

One way to customize the MinistryOne Application is to change the color of something specific, like the buttons.  You can do this in the design section of the Admin Portal for the app.

  1. Select the Colors option of the MinistryOne Menu under Design.
  2. Find the field for ACTION COLOR and click the small colored circle to its right.

  3. Choose a new color:
    • Use the color picker which displays (as shown below) to select the color you prefer. Once done, click anywhere on the page outside the color picker.
    • If you already know the Hex code (color code used for web coding), enter it in the field labeled HEX. 
      • You may also lookup color codes online if needed.  (Note: the color codes link is to an external web page not supported by ParishSOFT)
  4. After you've selected the desired color, you can view it in the app preview pane.
  5. Once finished, click Publish to release the changes for your customer to see in the MinistryOne app.





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