DM Funds - Goals: How to import multiple goals to a fund

How to import multiple goals to a fund

When you have multiple goals to add to a fund, it may be easier to use the import option.

If you are already in the Fund, go to step 3.

  1. Go to the Funds page by selecting Funds from the Navigator Bar or by selecting the Go to Funds page link listed on the Funds Card
  2. Find and select the fund. See How to search for a fund.

  3. While in the Fund record

    • Click the Goals tab.
  4. Select the import action button.
  5. A Fund Goal Import pop-up screen will display. This screen gives the option to download a spreadsheet template. It also gives a list of the allowable file types. Most importantly, it allows you to browse for your own file to import the goals.
  6. After preparing your Import Goals File with the correct format and data, simply browse for the file and import it.
  7. Once you have completed the import, you will see the imported goals listed on the goals screen for that fund.

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