PSG MinistryOne - Download: How parishioners can download the MinistryOne app

How parishioners can download the MinistryOne app

Your Parishioners can download the MinistryOne Application for your organization after you post a link to the App on your website. To do so, they must follow these steps:

  1. Go to your website and click the link you've added for your MinistryOne application.
  2. This link will take your donors to a customized page with links for the App Store or Google Play store.  You donors just have to click on the link they need for their device (App store for Apple products, and Google Play for Android devices) and they will be able to download the app to their phone.
  3. When your donor clicks the appropriate link for their device, they will be taken to a page on either the App Store or the Google play store to download the app.
  4. The App will then appear on their device as the Church by MinistryOne app.  Your donors can now click on the app in order to select their organization and either log in with their existing Giving account or create a new one.






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