PSG MinistryOne - Projects: How to set up the MinistryOne App

How to set up the MinistryOne App

Once you've enabled MinistryOne for your giving account, you can set it up by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Settings menu in the top right corner of the Dashboard.
  2. Select MinistyOne to get to the Projects page.
  3. A different version of the application can be created and edited here, for live release, that your donors to download.  If you already have a project started, you can click on it in order to set up or to make changes to your application.
  4. To start setting up your MinistryOne Application, move your mouse over the plus sign in the center of the page and click the option for New Project.
  5. You now have the option of naming your project. Click Start Project.
  6. On the General Info screen, you can enter the name you want to display for your organization, as well as details that your parishioners might need to know about the "project" such as description, meeting location, etc.

    While you make changes to the Application, you can see what these changes will look like
    in the application if you click the eye icon in the top right corner.
    This displays a live preview of how your app will look with all your current settings.
    If you wish to hide this view, just click the arrow icon at the top.
  7. Once you've entered all you need in the General Info, click on Logo to upload your organization's logo.  You can use PNG or JPG (JPEG) images at 372 by 372 pixels minimum size.  The maximum image size is 24 MB.  You can click to Browse for your logo image or drag it onto the upload field.
    You will be taken to a separate page to adjust the size of the image.  If everything looks good, click Save.
    This will then show you your logo as it has been saved for the app, and in the preview for the app.
  8. Click on the Integrations option in order to add your credentials for things like your Church Streaming.TV account, or any of the Church Census software available for Simple Church, Elexio, ShelbyNext, Church Office Online, and FellowshipOneGo.  If you would like to sign up for our Churchstreaming.TV service, please contact our Sales team at 866-930-4774 Ext. 6.
  9. Next, you may set up the individual modules within the MinistryOne Application.  Go to the menu and click Modules.
  10. This will bring you to the Configure Modules page, where you can turn on any modules you wish to make available for use on your MinsitryOne Application.  Each module you turn on will show in the app preview on the right.
  11. To configure individual modules, click on each module as it is listed on the MinistryOne menu bar.
  12. Start by configuring the Giving module.  Click on Giving in the Modules menu.
  13. In the Giving module settings, you can change the name of the module, choose what giving form to use (these forms must have the Form Properties category of General Donation checked in order to be available for selection), choose whether or not to include a Special Donations tab, as well as choose the names of each of the tabs as they appear to donors.
  14. Next, go to the Sermons module, where you can connect to any social media platforms you use to deliver homilies to home-bound parishioners.
  15. In the Sermons section, you can change the name of the section, import information from your Cloversites account, or link a podcast, Youtube or Vimeo account.
  16. Go to the Events section where you can display event forms for various events at your church.
  17. Forms will display in this section only if they have the form category of Event Registration marked in their Form properties.  You can create a form that will record your Parishioner's online attendance (Go to Create New Form and choose the Online Attendance template and then mark it as Event Registration in the Form Properties categories).
  18. Select the Discover module, which can show parishioners the various events or homilies that they haven't viewed yet; it also allows them to discover more content from your parish that they may not have known about.
  19. In the Discover module, you can change the module name, choose whether or not to feature homilies from the Sermon section, and whether or not to include events in the mix for parishioners.
  20. Go to the Contact module, where your donors can contact the parish and submit prayer requests using forms.
    • In the Contact module, your Parishioners can fill out a Contact or Prayer request form (which must have the form category of Contact Form selected in its Form Properties to be available to select for this module).
  21. Now that you have configured your modules, click Design to define the style and layout of your application.
    • In the Design section, you have two subsections for Menu and Colors used in the application.  For now, select Menu.
    • In the Menu section of the Design options, you can choose the way the menu for the app is oriented, as well as how the menu items are sorted in the application for your Parishioners to choose.
  22. Click Colors to set the button and text colors that display in your application.
    • In the Colors section you can choose the base theme for the app, the action (hyperlink and button) colors, and accent colors (Super Titles), primary text (main titles), and secondary text (paragraph text) colors.
  23. Lastly, go to the Status page, where you are able to see if there are any errors with anything you have set up so far.  If you see the Publish button, all you have to do is click it.
    You will then be given the option to Promote your App.  Click it to get a link to your newly made MinistryOne Application, which can be posted to your parish website so that your parishioners can download it to their mobile devices.
    You will be provided with several links that you can post to your site or social media accounts for parishioners to access your MinsitryOne App.






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