PSG Forms - Print Forms: How to format and print a blank physical version of an online form

How to format and print a blank physical version of an online form

In order to provide a physical copy of an online form that is simple to fill out, you must copy the original online form and remove and/or replace any fields that depend on digital interaction such as dropdown menus, electronic signatures, automatic calculations, and options to replicate fields. Once this has been done, you may print this modified form for distribution.


How to modify the form

  1. Go to Forms.
  2. Find the form you wish to modify for printing; click the ACTIONS button on the far right.
  3. Choose Copy Form from the dropdown menu.
  4. This will display a new version of the form prefaced with the words Copy of.2020-03-11_17-25-20.jpg
  5. This copy must be modified for "print form" attributes as follows:
    • Remove all fields that have dropdown options or radio buttons and replace them with checkboxes.
    • Remove any conditions that show or hide certain fields and set the conditions to ALWAYS SHOW FIELD.
    • Remove the Placeholder text in any field that is supposed to hold information.  All the Placeholder fields should be blank so that your registrants can write in them.
    • Remove Calculate Amount, Fund Drop-Down, or Item Dropdown Payment Fields.
    • Remove Digital Signature Fields and replace them with a  text or equivalent field.
    • Under Form Properties → Advanced Theme, scroll down to Inputs and choose a border color so that your input fields have a border.
    • Any basic or person fieldsets that can be duplicated through a click on the online form must be handled as follows: 
      •  Either:
        • Replace the original basic or person fieldset on the form with a text version 
        • Or, remove the option to duplicate. This second option requires you to scan each field within the set for fields that require digital interactions and replace them with text fields.
      • Decide how many registrants you will allow per printed form in addition to the one managed in the previous bullet.
      • Create one group of text fields for the number of additional registrants.
  6. Once you've removed and replaced any fields that depend on digital interaction, re-name the form; then Save and Publish. You may want the new name to include a code to note it is a printable form. One example would be ending the name with the suffix PF or (PF) for Printable Form: Medical Release Form (PF)


How to print the form

  1. Go to Form Properties. 
  2. Select General Info, and find the direct link to the form and click it.
  3. When the live version of the new form displays, Right-Click (or CTRL + Click) the side of the form and select the option to Print.
  4. Some fields may not line up entirely with the pages as they are being printed, so you may have to adjust some scale settings to ensure that fields are showing up where you want them.
  5. Scroll through the preview of the form, and if everything looks alright, print the form.
  6. Your form is now available for physical use.





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