DM Batches - Batch: How to change the default fund for batch postings

How to change the default fund for batch postings

The fund selected when the batch is created is the fund to which the postings will default.


Depending on your Development Manager settings, under Batch Management, you may be able to change the fund to the correct one in each posting. If you have more than a few, however, this isn't a very efficient way to work.

Instead, change the default fund as follows:  If you are in the posting screen, simply click the pencil action icon in the upper right corner to get back to the Batch Details page, then click here to learn the next step.

    1. Go to the Batches page.
      • Using the Navigator Bar, select Batches.
      • Using the Batches Card, select Open.
  1. Pull up the batch. The following article will show you how to, search for the batch.
  2. Click the down-arrow in the Fund field and select the correct batch. (see image below)
  3. Add a reason then click the save action icon.



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