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How to run contribution statements for donors

In order to run contribution statements for donors who give through ParishSOFT Giving, the recommended method is to first import the data into ParishSOFT Family Suite and then to run the reports from there.

There are two options for populating ParishSOFT Family Suite with the ParishSOFT Giving data.

  1. Use ParishSOFT Giving Integration which will automatically sync the contributions into the Family Suite.
  2. Export from ParishSOFT Giving and Import the contributions into the Family Suite.

Once you have done either of the above two options, you may run contribution statements in ParishSOFT Family Suite.

Alternatively, you could email donors in ParishSOFT Giving a report of their transactions (but it would include any payments that are not tax-deductible as well).  An article for that can be found here



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