DM Batches - Postings: How to add pledge postings to a batch

How to add pledge postings to a batch

  1. How you get to the postings page depends on where you start.
    • Once a new batch has been saved, you may immediately begin adding postings by selecting the postings action button in the upper right of the Batches Page.
    • Or, if you have left the Batches page, pull up the batch and click the postings button for the batch (card view).
    • Or the postings action button (grid view)
  2. The contributions posting page automatically displays. Select the Pledges tab.
  3. On the pledges posting page, click the Add Pledge button. 
    You may also use the hotkeys, CTRL-A.
    The selected batch uses as default the fund that was selected when the batch was created. This can be changed when mixed funds are allowed in batches.
  4. Fill in the pledge information. For detailed information on each field in the pledge record, see the in-app help file, Pledge Record Details.
  5. Start with entering the Family or Member ID.
    • If you don't know the ID, select the search icon which will allow you to search on several identifying fields.
    • Once you find the family or member record, click the ID link or the last name link.
  6. Continue to enter the Pledge information. 
  7. As you tab through the pledge entry, the section called Statement Months allows you to select which months statements will be generated for this pledge. Use the buttons to select all or to clear all, or mark each one individually.
  8. As you continue to tab through the pledge entry, the section called Initial Contribution (at the bottom of the page) allows you to enter the first contribution against this pledge. After submitting this pledge record, the contribution will also display in the contributions record for this batch/donor.
  9. After entering the pledge amount, if you use them, you may add the designations to the pledge record.
    • Click the edit designations action button.
    • Choose between distribution types of Dollar Amounts or Percentage.
    • Fill in the designations the donor selected then click Confirm.
    • If the designation your donor has selected is not listed and you would like to add it to the choices, see the article, How to add designations for a fund.
  10. Once you have completed adding the pledge record(s), you may add the contribution postings.


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