DM Batches - Postings: How to post contributions in a batch

How to post contributions in a batch

If you are entering contributions to a fund that requires pledges, you must enter the pledges first, before adding the contribution for each member.
  1. How you get to the postings page depends on where you start.
    • Once a new batch has been saved, you may immediately begin adding postings by selecting the postings action button in the upper right of the Batches Page.
    • Or, if you have left the batches page and need to navigate back to the batch, see How to search for a batch. Once there:
      • Click the Postings button for the batch (card view).
      • Or the Postings action button (grid view)
  2. The Contributions posting page is the default.
    • If the fund requires pledges, make sure to enter the pledges first. Note: As you enter the contribution, you will see an icon display under the word Pledge. Here is the key to that icon:
    • If you have just completed your pledge entries, select the Contributions tab to enter contributions.
    • Begin entry by typing the Member ID or the Family ID if you know it. If not, click the magnifying glass and search for the donor's record.
      • Enter the information you know about the donor then click the Search button. The more unique the information is to the donor, the easier it will be to sift through the results screen.
      • Once the results screen is displayed, find the donor record and click the name or ID link.
      • This will take you back to the entry screen where you may fill in the fields for the contribution.
    • For additional information on adding contribution postings to a batch, see the in-app help file, How to post contributions to a batch, #5.
  3. After filling in the information for each contribution in the batch, click the Save button. You may also tab to the Save button and simply use the enter key on your keyboard.
  4. If you get a message that says, "Error saving Batch Contribution." click the information icon to get more details on the error. 

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