DM Pledges - Designations: How to apply fund designations to an existing pledge

How to apply fund designations to an existing pledge

  1. Go to the Pledges page by selecting Pledges from the Navigator Bar or by selecting the Go to Pledges page link listed on the Pledges Card.
  2. On the Pledges page, search for the pedge:
    • Enter a keyword (Pledge ID, Family ID, Member ID, Family Name, or Member Last Name) in the search bar to populate your screen with all Pledges containing the keyword.
    • And/or use the Filters Panel to filter for the funds that meet your criteria.
    • Next, click the search icon to populate the screen.
      • Until you click the search icon for the first time on this page, the screen will remain empty.
      • Each time you change the Filters Panel selections and/or the search keyword, click the search icon to update the results.
  3. Select the record for which you would like to apply fund designations. The screenshot below demonstrates selecting the same record: once in the Card View (top) and one in the Grid View (bottom).
  4. Click the designations action button in the Current Pledge field. Make your selections in the Pledge Designations pop-up window then click the Confirm button.

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