DM Funds - Designations: How to edit a designation for a fund

How to edit a designation for a fund

The Designations page enables you to structure a fund so that donors can split contribution amounts to direct their gifts to multiple functional areas.

    1. Go to the Funds page:
      • Select Funds from the Navigator Bar -or-
      • Select the Go to Funds page link listed on the Funds Card.
    2. On the Funds page:
      • Enter a keyword in the search bar to populate your screen with all funds containing the word.
      • And/or use the Filters Panel to filter for the funds that meet your criteria.
      • Next, click the search icon to populate the screen.
        • Until you click the search icon for the first time on this page, the screen will remain empty.
        • Each time you change the Filters Panel selections and/or the search keyword, click the search icon to update the results.
      This screenshot shows the results in the card view. Toggle to the grid view using the grid view action icon mceclip1.png
    3. Select the fund for which you wish to edit a designation. (image above)
    4. Click the Designations tab.
      • Designations that have been previously added will be listed.
    5. To make changes to either the name or to the active status of the designation, select the edit icon to the left of the record. 
    6. The designation details will display.
      • You may make changes to the designation name.
      • You may make changes to the active status of the designation.
      • If you decide not to save your changes, select the undo icon which will remove your changes.
    7. Click the save icon.



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