PSA L&P - Reports: How to eliminate a scroll bar on reports

How to eliminate a scroll bar on reports

When viewing reports you may notice a scroll bar across the bottom, if the report is wide, as well as a scroll bar going down, if the report is long.scroll-bars.png

You might also notice that the icons are wrapping. This is a common issue with Google Chrome.

Scroll bars and wrapping icons are caused by zooming the screen to a larger magnification. It can be resolved by reducing the screen magnification or by zooming out.

There are several ways to reduce screen magnification: 

  • The simultaneous use of the following keystrokes will put your screen back to the default screen size where the icons list across the top and the report displays without scroll bars.
    • Windows: Enter the   CTRL-0 (zero) keys.
    • MAC: Enter Command-0 (zero) keys. 
  • Windows:  Use the CTRL key together with +/- keys to enlarge and reduce the screen where the plus sign (+) increases or zooms in (makes it larger or magnifies the screen) and the negative sign (-) decreases or zooms out (makes it smaller or reduces the magnification). 
  • Windows:  Use the CTRL key and the mouse-wheel option; (up or away) will increase and (down or toward yourself) will decrease the magnification on your screen. 




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