PSFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to create a confirmation record for a member

How to create a confirmation record for a member

  1. Go into Family Directory → Sacraments
  2. Click the dropdown arrow and select Add/Edit Sacraments.
  3. Before adding any sacrament, you must search to see if the information has already been added for this member.
    • Under the Sacrament dropdown, select Confirmation.
    • In the Last Name field, enter the member's last name. You may also fill in the Maiden Name and First Name fields.
    • Then, click Search.
  4. A list of your members that match the name criteria you entered will display. If your member does not display, click the Create new Confirmation record button.

  5. Fill in the correct information on the pop-up screen including: Completed On date, Prep Year, Parish, Celebrant, Confirmation Name, Sponsor, etc. After filling out the form, click Add.
  6. Click the close button on the next screen. You will then see your member listed under the Sacrament listing.





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