PSFS Ministry Scheduler - Scheduling: How to schedule an event

How to schedule an event


For an event to auto-schedule, each of the following must be managed:

  1. Set the scheduling options: Times Served (Type and Time Frame) and the Number of Ministers Needed
  2. Run the Auto-Schedule utility.
  3. Review and validate your schedules.

This assumes you have already created your ministry events and assigned your ministers to these events.

Scheduling Options: Go to the Scheduling Options Tab.

Times Served Start Date

Since the software determines who to schedule based on how much time each has served, you may set up options to help the software know which metric to use on which to base this calculation.

  1. Click on the Edit link which opens the General Schedule Options pop-up.
  2. Choose to have the system calculate the "number of times served" based on a Time Frame or a Specific Date.
    • Time Frame: How many times has the minister served in the last 3 months
    • Specific Date: How many times has the minister served since mm/dd/yyyy
  3. Click Save.

Ministers Needed

  1. Click on the Ministers Needed Tab.
  2. Select the number of Ministers Needed for each event you want to auto-schedule.
    • If a ministry event has 0 for Ministers Needed, no ministers will be scheduled.
  3. When finished updating the Ministers Needed fields for each event, you must save the changes or your changes will be lost.

 Run the Auto-Schedule Utility

  1. Go to Ministry Scheduler → Scheduling.
  2. Select the filter options including the date range you are scheduling for and the Ministry Group. We recommend you leave the other options, Ministry and Ministry Event, set to All so the Scheduler can take all preferences into account when creating the schedule. Click Submit.
  3. This will populate the list of events that fall into your selected filters for the date range and Ministry Group. Click the Auto Schedule button.
  4. Review and validate your schedules. 
    • Click on the person icon to see a list of the ministers which were scheduled. The Schedule Event Ministers will populate on the right. You may remove any of the ministers by clicking into the box next to their names and clicking the delete icon.
    • Click the Edit icon (Paper/Pencil) to add additional ministers (for yellow dots) or to see why none were scheduled (for red dots).
      • If there are no available ministers, you must fix this in the Scheduling Options and then return to the Auto-Scheduling option.





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