PSFS Family Directory - Group/Life Events Entry: How to use events to track sacrament preparation

How to use events to track sacrament preparation

You can use Events to track requirements that must be met before a sacrament is celebrated. Events can be customized for your parish's needs.

  1. First, you must set up Event Categories and the Events you wish to track. See How to create Event Categories and Events (steps, milestones).
  2. When a group of students completes a sacrament requirement, use the Group Add Sacrament option, or add sacraments individually.
  3. To view events linked to a member's sacrament:
    • Go to Member Details → Sacraments.
    • View them in one of two ways:
      1. Click the ellipses button More_Button.png next to the sacrament.
      2. Or view them through the Life Events link. You may see them all or filter them by category by choosing a category in the upper right corner of the Events window.

  4. For a printed report, see How to report on Life Events.




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