PSFS Reports - Life Events: How to report on Life Events

  1. Go to Family Directory → Reports.
  2. In the Select Report section on the top/left of the Reports screen,
    • Under Report Type select Census.
    • Under Report select Life Events.
  3. In the Select Date Range section on the bottom/left of the Reports screen:

    • If you want to filter for a specific date range, check the Start Date and/or End Date boxes and enter dates.
    • You can leave either date blank if you want to search for all events before or after a specific date.
    • You can leave both dates blank if you want to search for every event that has ever been recorded.
  4. In the center/left of the screen, filter the report for Membership criteria such as Registration, Family Group, and Member Status and for Student Status to filter by Term and Grade. (see image below the next step)
  5. In the center/right of the screen, mark the Event Categories on which you want to report. This will then populate the Events options. Select all that you want to see in the report.
  6. Choose to Group by Person or Group by Event.
    • Group by Person will generate an alphabetical list of members with events in the date range, showing details for all their events.
    • Group by Event will generate a list of each event, with details for the members who have event records.



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