PSA Payroll - Forms: (W-2) How to remove an unwanted W-2 record

 How to remove an unwanted W-2 record

  1. Print the W-2 Review report (Forms > W-2s/W3)
  2. Set the Form Name to W-2 Review Report and then print the report to paper so you can use it to re-enter any edits you may have made.  If you have not yet edited any W-2 you can skip this step.
  3. Click the Employees Icon and select the employee you wish to edit by clicking Go next to their name. Click on the Tax Data Tab, set the Tax Statement to "No Statement."
  4. Then click Forms and select Edit Employees W-2 Information.
  5. Click the Reprocess All Button. 
    • This will reset your W-2s which will not only remove any employee with a No Statement designation but it will also remove any edits you may have made so you will need to enter them again. 
    • Once you are have Reprocessed all and made any edits you will be ready to print or electronically file your W-2s.  

Important, once you have made your final edits to the W-2 records do NOT use Reprocess or Reprocess All, or you will lose those edits. 


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