ParishCast Admin - Groups: How to get a group name to display in the dashboard drop-down for a user  

How to get a group name to display in the dashboard drop-down for a user  

When a ParishCast User is in their dashboard and selects the drop-down to add a group assignment, the group category options are listed by group description and not by group name.

This may present a challenge because when a group is created, the field for group name must be unique where the field for group description does not have this restriction

Therefore, when the ParishCast User goes to self-assign a group category through their dashboard, they may have several items in the group category drop-down menu that have the same description. They may not know which one to select.

When creating a group category, we recommend using the same text for the Group Description as is used in the Group Name. This will guarantee the description will be unique to other group descriptions. It will also ensure that the group name displays for the user when adding a group category from their dashboard. 

  • The group name is used in alerts.
  • The group description is what shows in the user's record.

No matter how you decide your naming convention for the Group Description, it is highly advisable to make it unique to the other Group Descriptions.

If you have already added all of the Group Categories and have not followed the above protocol, you may edit the Group Categories to update the descriptions.

If the Dashboard User has selected an incorrect Group Category, you may remove the group category for them and then add the correct one.


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