PSFS Religious Ed - Life Events: How to use Life Events to mark people as authorized to pick up a child

How to use Life Events to mark people as authorized to pick up a child

You may record the names of people authorized to pick up students by adding the names to the student's Life Events record.


Add an event to the Lookups Table

We recommend adding an Event Category called Security if you don't already have one. Then, add an event under Security called Authorized Pickup. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the Administration Module, go to Lookups. 
  2. Under Tables, select Event Category. From the grid tools,  click + to add a category.
  3.  Add an Event Category description, "Security" then click Save
  4. Add an event in the chosen category: 
    • Under Tables, select Events.
    • From the Event Category drop-down list, choose the Event Category that you just added (Security). Then click Select. continued in #5
  5. After selecting the Event Category, add an Event Name Record called "Authorized Pickup."
    • Click + to add the record.
    • Add the description, Authorized Pickup.
    • Check the Active box 
    • Click Save.

Once you have completed these preparation steps, you should not have to do them again. In the future, you may simply add the names of the authorized individuals to the student's Life Events Record without repeating the instructions above.


Add the names of the authorized individuals in the student's Life Events Record

  1. Go to the student's member record either through the Family Directory → Member List OR through the student's name on the Class List:  Religious Ed/Faith Formation → Student Directory → choose class → click on student's name.

  2. Click on Life Events
  3. Enter the contact names in the comment field. This is a free text field and you may add any information you would like: authorized contact name, relationship to the student, phone number. If there are several authorized contacts to add, simply click the add button to the right when in Edit Events.


The authorized names will populate the Life Events Report

  1. In Family Directory go into Reports.
  2. Under Select Report, choose CensusLife Events.

    The items in the image below noted with a red star are the date range and life events filtering options which will determine the output of your report, so fill those in according to your output preferences.
  3. Choose Event Categories SecurityEvent(s) Authorized Pickup.
  4. To generate the report, click one of the 'Group by' buttons. In this example, Group by Person is selected.

The report will automatically generate when you click the Group by Person OR Group by Event button.






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