DM Reports - Parish Reports: How to generate a Parish Master Report

How to generate a Parish Master Report


  1. Click ReportsParish Reports from the Side Bar Menu.  

  2. Fund and report
  3. The default format for displaying the names of organizations in this report is the name of the organization followed by the name of the city. To reverse the format, select the City, Organization Name option from the Organization Name Format list.
  4. By default, the three sub-report options are not selected.
    • Refund Details: provides line-item detail associated with the refund checks issued by the diocese to the parish. This report can serve as a useful accounting resource to support major fundraising activities, such as multi-year capital campaigns and annual appeals.
    • Givers: generates a list of the names of givers to the selected fund along with giving details (for example, amount pledged, payment frequency, the amount paid, and balance owed).
    • Non-Givers: generates a list of names of individuals who have not yet given to the selected fund.
  5. You have the option to include a start and/or an end date. If either is selected, click the calendar icon in the Date field.
  6. From the Organization menu, select the organizations you want to include in the report. To select, click the checkbox next to the desired organization(s). DDM_Sel_1_or_More_Orgs_List.jpg
    • To view all organizations in the report, click the checkbox next to the organization header. DDM_Sel_One_or_more_orgs.jpg
  7. Click the export action button.
    • You may send your report to Excel or create a PDF
    • The report will save to your Downloads folder. Some browsers will display a menu with Excel or PDF options to open or print on the spot. This example was done in Chrome.

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