DM Reports - Diocese Reports: How to generate a Revenue Projection Report

How to generate a Revenu Projection Report


  1. Navigate to the Diocese Reports page using one of the following pathways: 
    • On the Navigator Bar, expand Reports (click the down-arrow), then select Diocese.
    • Select the Diocese page link listed on the Reports Card.
  2. From the drop-down option, select the Report. Then, in the Fund field, begin to type in the name of the fund.
  3. There are two sub-report options which, if checked, will be included in your report:
    • Show Non-Performing Pledges: shows the total amount pledged that was not included in the forecast due to non-payment.
    • Show Non-Forecastable Pledges: shows the total amount pledged that cannot be included in the forecast due to insufficient data in the pledge records.
  4. Once all selections have been made, use the export action button (top right) then choose from the following two options:
    • PDF will save a PDF version of the report to your computer. 
    • Excel will save a CSV file of the report to your computer.
  5. For additional information on the diocese reports, click here.

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