DM Reports - Parish Reports: How to generate a Periodic Report

How to generate a Periodic Report


The Periodic Report gives an overview of each organization that has a defined goal which includes the following information for a specific date range:


  1. Navigate to the Parish Reports page using one of the following pathways: 
    • On the Navigator Bar, expand Reports (click the down-arrow), then select Parish.
    • Or, select the Parish page link listed on the Reports Card.
  2. From the drop-down options, select the Fund, then Periodic Report

  3. The default format for displaying the names of organizations in this report is the name of the organization followed by the name of the city. To reverse the format, select the City, Organization Name option from the Organization Name Format list.
  4. In the date fields, click the calendar icon in each the Start Date and End Date fields to specify a date range for the report. The date range is required.
  5. Click the export action button.
    • You may send your report to Excel or create a PDF
    • The report will save to your Downloads folder. Some browsers will display a menu for Excel or PDF options to open or print on the spot. This example was done in Chrome.


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