DM Reports - Parish Reports: How to interpret the Designations Details Report

Designations Details Report Information

This article provides information on the Designations Details Report. To learn how to generate this report, please see the article, How to generate a Designations Details Report.

The report will generate a separate page of information for each parish that is selected. There are two types of reports that can be generated based on the selection made in the "Details For" dropdown.

Paid Report Information 

The Paid sub-report shows the distribution of cash received across all allowable designations for the selected fund.

Pledged Report Information 

The Pledged sub-report shows the distribution of cash by amount pledged across all allowable designations for the selected fund:

General Report Information 

  • Family Name displays the information of the family who has made the pledge. 
  • Pledge ID displays the unique identifier that associates the pledge with the family
  • Designation displays a breakdown of the percentages of the total pledged amount in which is designated to a specific fund. 
  • Paid displays the total amount that has been paid towards the pledge. 
  • All proceeding columns listed are the abbreviations used to represent the amount that is pledged for a particular fund. These abbreviations are established in the Designations Setup within the Fund Management page.
  • Und indicates that the amount that is not designated to a pledge. 
  • A Key is listed on the bottom left of the last page of the report that displays the full fund name.


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