PSFS Ministry Scheduler - Schedule: How to schedule ministers who work an event the same week of the month and at the same time

How to schedule ministers who work an event the same week of the month and at the same time

Configure Your Ministries

If you have volunteers that want to work the same week each month and at the same time, in Configuration, simply create events that are for each specific week and time as shown here.set_up_Ministry_groups.jpg

  1. Click Configuration.
  2. Under Groups, click the plus sign.
  3. Add the information as shown in the screen above but use the names that work best for your organization.
  4. Make the Event Name specific enough that when you assign each minister, you will know which one to choose.
    • Create an Event Name which specifies the week of the month and the time of day.
    • Mark it as a Recurring Event.
    • Fill in the Start and End dates that are appropriate for this event. This example shows 8/18/2019 as the start date with no end date.
    • Select Monthly and then under Monthly Events mark the second radio bullet. Choose the correct options that correspond with your event name. 
    • Repeat for each week of the month and each event time.



Assign the Number of Ministers Needed for Each Event

  1. Go into Schedule Options and select Ministers Needed.
  2. Update the number on the right side that corresponds with each event.Schedule_Options.jpg 

Assign the Ministers to Their Preferred Event (week of month time of day)

  1. Go into Minister Directory and add the correct event to each minister according to the time and week they have set up.
  2. Click the Add New Minister option.
  3. On the right side of the screen, choose the Ministry Group, Ministry, and Ministry Event. Update the date span for this group of volunteers.
  4. Select the volunteers. You may search for the person by entering their last name.
  5. The box for Trained or Sub Only must be marked for the minister to be scheduled.
  6. Once you have completed this, double-check the information under Minister Data then click Save & Close.

Create the Schedule

  1. Select the filter options and click Submit.
  2. Click Generate Events.
  3. Click Auto-Schedule. Once the schedule has been generated, you will see a green dot in place of the red.




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