ParishCast Admin - Groups: How to add group categories and then add group assignments to contact records

How to add and remove group categories and then add group assignments to contact records

Groups are used to categorize who gets which alerts. For example, if you have a group called Registered, you may send a message to all members of this group. Members not in the Registered group will not get the message.

  • Each person may belong to several groups.

You may add group categories in two ways:

  1. One way is through hovering on Groups → Add Groups (click)
    • Fill out the information then click the Add Group button. Note that the Group Name must be unique. ParishCast recommends using the Group Name in the Group Description field. If it must be different than the Group Name, make sure it is unique to other Group Descriptions to avoid confusion when assigning groups to members.
    • The group name is used in alerts.
    • .The group description is what shows in the user's record

    • You may go into each user's dashboard and assign the group(s).
      • To assign multiple groups to the same contact, select one group at a time and then click the save icon before selecting the next group.
  2. The second way to add a group category and assign it to the contact is through the import process.
    • One or more columns on the spreadsheet may be used to import multiple group categories, also assigning them to your contacts. Simply map your spreadsheet to the group fields on the import page. 
      The import form below shows how to match the Custom Group fields with each Group Category.
    • This will create the group category.
    • This will also make sure your contact is assigned to each group that was listed in the spreadsheet on the same row as their name.




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