PSA L&P - Reports: How to print a list of uncleared checks

How to print a list of uncleared checks

There currently is no option on the check register to print uncleared checks only. However, there is a way to get a list of uncleared checks through a bank reconciliation report.

The steps to get this report are as follows with specific details and images below:

  1. Make sure any reconciliation process started for this account has been closed. For example, if you would like all uncleared checks through December and have started but not finished a November bank reconciliation you will need to determine if you first need to finish that reconciliation or delete it and start over later.
  2. Create a new reconciliation process with the field for Statement Date populated with either the last uncleared check date you want to list on your report or the next bank statement date for which you will reconcile this account.
    • The statement date may not be changed once it is created, so choose this date with care. You will have a choice later to use this reconciliation process, or to delete it.
  3. Before doing anything else, print the Bank Reconciliation Report.
    • This will print all uncleared checks from the first check created through the statement date.
  4. If the statement date is a date from a prior reconciliation (in other words, you do not need to reconcile the account for this date), you will then delete the reconciliation.
    • This calls for someone with these login privileges such as Church Administrator or Dio Administrator.
  5. If the statement date is the date of the next statement you plan to reconcile, you may continue with the reconciliation process.

Details with images

Step 1: Close out or delete any open reconciliations for this account.

Step 2: Create a new reconciliation process and enter the date in the Statement Date according to how you want to use this process determined in the steps above.

Step 3: To print the report, go to Reports → Transactions → Bank Reconciliation Report and select the reconciliation you just created that says Not Reconciled.

  • Only the uncleared transactions will be included in this report since you have only just created it and not marked any transactions.
  •  If you only need a single month or subset of the uncleared checks you can export the report as a CSV file and save it to your PC (this is important because if you open the file directly during the export it will open as TEXT and will not be easy to work with).  Once the file is saved, you can find and open it.  You are then free to delete what you don't need and print the rest.

    Steps 4-5: Once you have printed the report, you may either reconcile the current bank statement (if the dates align) or those with permissions may delete the reconciliation.  




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